Talking Shoes with Dulce Candy

Hollywood, California native Dulce Tejeda might have every girl’s dream job. A fashion blogger with over 35 million hits on her site, Dulce Candy, the 24-year-old tells Running With Heels a little bit about her personal style and what it’s like being a fashion icon to the masses.

How would you describe your personal style when it comes to shoes?

I would describe it just like I describe my style, eclectic. It’s always very important for me to try different type of shoes with different details, heel heights and colours.  If someone were to peek inside my shoe closet they would have no idea what type of personal style I have because everything is very different.

Do you have a favourite pair in your closet?

I recently just came back from Paris, France. I bought a pair of nude Christian Louboutin’s and have been wearing them since. They are a great staple and they make my legs look miles long which is great considering I’m only 4’9’’.

Who are a few of your favourite shoe designers?

Alexander Wang for the edginess, Christian Louboutin for the classics, Tory Burch for the great flats and Jessica Simpson for the platforms that work towards my advantage.

Who would you say is your ultimate style icon?

Miroslava Duma is by far my biggest inspiration. She has such a unique and classic style! I love everything she wears.

There have been over 35 million visits to your blog, Dulce Candy. How have you differentiated yourself from other bloggers to create such a popular site?

I think it’s because I’m a very relatable girl. A lot of girls can look at me and feel inspired to know that anything is possible. I’m always very positive and I think that attracts a lot of people.

Are there any other fashion bloggers who inspire you?

My favourite fashion blog is The Sartorialist. I check this blog every single day for inspiration. I love that the street style shown here is always different and it makes me step outside my comfort zone.

Which of this season’s fashion trends are you excited to rock this fall?

Mustard hues on anything from blazers to sweaters and rusty toned maxi skirts with chunky pullovers.

What is your favourite part about your job as a fashion blogger?

Shopping! Who wouldn’t love to have a career where you have to shop and try new trends every day? I also love being a fashion  blogger because I’ve met so many great and influential people.

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