Fashion or Future Faux Pas

Living in an age of Instagram we’re all guilty of trying to be the first to find the hottest new trend- whether it be thigh-high Ugg boots at Paris Fashion Week or the newest, chunkiest-soled shoes you can find, not knowing if we’re wearing the next infamous velour tracksuit of the noughties- here I’ll run down some of the trends that have gone but will definitely not be forgotten.

Socks and sandals

First and foremost, every dad’s favourite has got to be the socks and sandals combo. Even the thought of this faux pas will send a shiver down the spine of any twenty-something as you remember battling with your dad to wear one or the other on the annual family holiday. Although still spotted occasionally on the runways of London, Milan, New York and Paris this look is one for the Kendall Jenner’s of the world alone- sorry dad!


Velour Tracksuit

Next up is the Velour Tracksuit, complete with a slogan on the bum (naturally). This was a firm favourite in 2003 thanks to Paris Hilton and co and was found in every girl and woman’s wardrobe- but how did they all go so wrong?

Unfortunately, everyone from Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson to Regina George’s mum had one and they were at the top of every teens Christmas list.


Chunky Highlights

Nothing could match your brand-new velour tracksuit than a full head of chunky highlights- à la Kelly Clarkson and Atomic Kitten. This is a trend that everyone fell victim to, spotted on the cover of every issue of Mizz and Smash Hits magazine in the early 2000s. every girl will have their own stories of intricately relaying all the information from the back of the Clairol Nice’n Easy box to their best friend before revealing the new look to their bemused parents.

Head-to-toe Denim

If you think double denim is pushing the limits now cast your mind back to Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ 2001 American Music Awards look- denim, on denim, on denim. Although their relationship didn’t last the test of time, the lessons we can take from this red-carpet look did. Although it appeared again a few years ago confidently we can say that we don’t think the head-to-toe denim trend will be coming back anytime soon.


Fashion Tattoo

The last, but unfortunately the closest to home must be the 2000s fashion tattoo. Every teen had a different design inspired by their favourite celebrity that they wanted- from the infamous “tramp stamp” and Chinese letters to barbed wire around the bicep which wasn’t as easy to remove as your denim cowboy hat.

As an 19 year old in Ibiza, I made the mistake of having a dolphin tattooed on my hip and only now in 2018 can I finally say that It’s gone- all with special thanks to Roz at Tribe Tattoo in Glasgow I was shocked at how effective the process was and would highly recommend her to anyone based in central Scotland.

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