Displaying a collection

Many fashion lovers are collectors, its only natural that one particular item will keep calling to you. Perhaps it is shoes, maybe silk scarfs or perhaps jewellery gets you reaching for your wallet? Whatever it is why keep your collection of style hidden away in drawers or carefully tucked away on a behind-the-door rack?  You have spent considerable time and money cultivating a diverse collection so show it off to the world and make your fashion love not so secret!

You can also showcase your Jimmy Choo’s or Primark’s finest bargain buy with everyday items that can easily be repurposed as a new home for your growing collection.

https://i.pinimg.com/236x/c3/7b/b1/c37bb130c8a0849542f2d40a014b8b38--shoe-racks-shoe-storage.jpgSome of our favourite ways to put shoes out on display is to up-cycle an old ladder as the new home for your delicate clodhoppers.  High heel are particularly effective on a straight ladder; simply lean it up against a wall and drape your high heels over the rungs of the ladder as a way to showcase their beauty and your stylish fashion sense.  Pretty up the ladder to fit with your home decor; painting the ladder the same colour as the wall will help it blend into the wall and allow your shoes to really pop!  Alternatively, If you have been lucky enough to find a nice looking antique ladder don’t try and paint over its natural character, enhance it with varnish or stain and let it be a showcase of it’s own.

If you are using a self supporting step ladder you can place planks of wood between the steps to build the quickest shelf system around!  This approach is great if you have lots of flats that wouldn’t hang on the straight ladder of if you simply have lots of shoes and need much more space to display them!

For jewellery or scarves consider building yourself a glass coffee table to display your anthology of goodies.  Find a coffee table that has drawers you can pull out from the side and then replace the top with glass so you an see the interior of the drawers.  If you like the rustic aesthetic and are fairly confident in your DIY-ing abilities source some old window frames complete with windows and use them as the top of your table. Now that you can see into the drawers lay out your scarves or jewellery in the drawers. You might want to consider adding a peg board to the base of the drawer to help keep things organised.

If DIY is not your forte consider some custom made objects to showcase your items, there are deals from Laura Ashley for a number of beautiful display cabinets. Once the preserve of plates and wine glasses, display cabinets can make an ideal home for all your collections. Shoes can nestle on the shelves or add a pegboard to the back of the cabinet to hang jewellery and scarves.

Not only will your items be on display to the world but it also serves a practical function of being able to easily see and organise your collection so you don’t get stuck reusing the same 3 necklaces over and over again.



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