Shoe Talk with Kate Ferguson Part 2

Are all of your shoes custom, or do you have a few best-sellers?

Each pair of crystal-encrusted heels is unique. Each design is made by hand and there are no set patterns to the placement of the crystals, therefore each shoe is completely couture.  There will never be a K James Couture design that is going to be exactly alike.  I honestly believe this element is what sets me apart from other crystal embellished heels on the market and is also drives and inspires me to be a designer. I get to create pieces that are 100% individual. It’s a truly gratifying experience to hear how special they make my customers feel.

Do you have formal design training?

I could sit here and tell you that I took every single design class out there, but I would be lying. I went to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise, otherwise known as FIDM, but not for design. I went to FIDM to get my degree in Merchandise Marketing.  I loved the experience of going to FIDM, and I think that no matter what your major is they truly have a knack for creating a unique learning environment.  I have always been creative, however I never imagined that I would become a shoe designer. But I love every single minute of it and am so thankful for the opportunity to express my artistic talents through K James Couture.

What’s the best complement you’ve ever received on your shoes?

I made a pair of heels for a woman as a surprise gift from a friend.  When she opened the package, she started crying.  She had no idea she was getting a pair of shoes, let alone a crystal-encrusted pair of heels.  I guess they just overwhelmed her. That is the best compliment I think any designer can receive.

Which celebs would you love to see in your shoes?

I would love to see Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Adele all in my shoes.  They are all strong independent women who don’t compromise who they are to fit the mould of what society says they “should be”. I love their drive to constantly grow as entertainers.  These women work their butts off and it truly inspires me!

Is there a shoe designer you look up to?

I love Jeffrey Campbell. His shoes are truly great pieces of art. He has penetrated the market by bringing shoes that are so unique that in just one glance you know those must be Jeffery Campbell’s. I think that he is a genius.

Where do you see K James Couture in a year from now?

I see K James Couture being a household name a year from now.  K James Couture is constantly evolving with the needs and wants of fashionistas everywhere.

Remember, we will be bringing you some more great interviews with some of the top names in the world of footwear as well as reviewing shoes and brands.

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