350 Triathlon Questions and Answers (English Edition) por David Pearce

February 25, 2020

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350 Triathlon Questions and Answers (English Edition) por David Pearce
Titulo del libro : 350 Triathlon Questions and Answers (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 6, 2013
Autor : David Pearce
Número de páginas : 158
Editor : Oliver Cameron Publishing

David Pearce con 350 Triathlon Questions and Answers (English Edition)

350 Triathlon Questions and Answers has been written for anyone entering their first triathlon or has been competing for a little while but still has lots of questions they would like answers too. Written in a Q&A format it is easy to read and covers virtually all questions that anyone entering the sport may have in addition to hundreds more. Each section has been written by an expert in their field to ensure quality and accuracy.

The books will not only save you time but also money by helping you make the right choices when it comes to equipment. Catergories include:-

General - 78 Q&A's
Swimming - 49 Q&A's
Cycling - 67 Q&A's
Running - 30 Q&A's
Transition - 16 Q&A's
Nutrition - 14 Q&A's
Injuries - Q&A's
Fitness - 44 Q&A's
Female - 12 Q&A's
Paratriathlon - 8 Q&A's

Some example questions:-

Q. No.204
How do I get faster on the run?
This is a book in itself and really depends on where you are currently. Generally speaking you will get faster at running by running more and running smart. Cycling will also help with your running (but not the other way around). Try to get out at least 3 times a week to run with set sessions, each with a purpose. If you do the same route at the same pace all the time then very few gains will be made speed wise after you have reached a certain level of fitness. You should try to incorporate some of the following into your runs each week, once you consider yourself to have good base fitness.

1. A long slow run and I mean slow. This is to build endurance and teach your body to burn fat for fuel. Do not go above 70% maximum heart rate. This can be incredibly hard and feel too slow but you need to do this to go faster. You may have to walk up hills
2. Intervals where you run normally and then go above race pace up for a minute or two and repeat the cycle any number of times (this is where you get your speed from). Speed work should only account for around 6-9% of your weekly training but it is vital to getting faster.
3. Tempo sessions where you run at a pace that is just below race pace - you should be able to hold a sporadic conversation but that is it.
4. A Hill session or medium paced run.

Q. No.99
Should I bother to kick during my open water swim?
Absolutely YES! If you don't kick the hips and legs will drop, which causes a huge amount of drag and "uphill swimming". We need to develop a 2 or 4 beat kick in the open water to balance the stroke and prevent the hips from dropping. This also keeps the blood circulating around the legs, ready for the bike and run.

Q. No.162
I am rubbish at climbing hills on a bike - what can I do?
The simply answer is to climb hills more often to get more accomplished at them. Try doing Hill Reps (refer to next question) and riding on more hilly routes. Try sitting back in your saddle and holding on to the top of your handlebars to open your chest to aid breathing. Take deep breaths before the start, to load your muscles with oxygen. Only stand up if totally necessary and try not to rock from side to side but be relaxed. The smoother you are, the better as you are wasting less energy. You could also try doing some leg squats to increase leg strength. Being lighter in your body will make a massive difference. Remember to relax as well.

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